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Pump PVXC Heavy Duty Submersible Sewage Pump

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Flow rate up to 1200 L/min (72 m³/hr)
Dynamic head up to 16 m
Maximum suspended solid Ø 50mm for PVXC15-20-30/50
Maximum suspended solid Ø 70mm for PVXC15-20-30/70


Maximum operating depth 10m
Fluid temperature up to + 40 °C
Maximum passage for suspended solids Ø 70mm

Submersible high efficiency stationary VORTEX pumps for professional use. Built using quality materials and oversized, extremely reliable and suitable for continuous heavy duty service, for dirty water, sewage, industrial waste etc


The free vortex type retracted open impellers fitted to PVXC pumps are suitable for handling dirty water, sewage, effluent water, water mixed with mud, liquids containing air or gas as well as treated and putrid mud. PVXC pumps are particularly suited for installation in sewers, excavation sites, wells, channels, underground car-parks etc.

Manufactured entirely in extremely thick cast iron, these pumps are particularly sturdy, abrasion- resistant and built to last. They are supplied with delivery flange, discharge connector and guide rails for fixed installation.


  • Cast iron open vortex IMPELLER
  • AISI 304 stainless steel motor shaft
  • Screws in contact with fluid in Stainless steel. (Optional stainless steel lifting eye)
  • DOUBLE SEAL SYSTEM Ceramic/silicon carbide on the pump side and lip seal on the motor side (with barrier oil chamber to lubricate and cool the sealing surfaces in the absence of water).
  • Sealed induction MOTOR: with double impregnated class F winding (ensuring extended motor life and wide range of use), designed for continuous duty, even with the pump partially submerged (min. 430mm) A thermal cutout device (motor protector) is incorporated in single phase models.
  • Three phase motors have three thermal cut-outs in the windings, connected in series with the supply cable. They must be correctly connected to the pump control panel by the user.
  • CONTROL BOX (single phase models only) with capacitor and manual reset, IP64
    Single phase : 10 metres of neoprene HO7 RN-F submersible cable
    Three phase: 10 metres of neoprene FG5 OK 4x1.5mm + 2 x 0.5mm
  • CONSTRUCTION AND SAFETY STANDARDS in compliance with EN 60 335 -1, CEI 61-150), EN 60034-1), (IEC 34-1, CEI 2-3)

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